Ray Dex
Tax and Burn $RDX
$RDX ecosystem is deflationary.
Collect fees and burn contract will allow users to call functions in the UI to automatically burn RDX supply. When a user yield farm RDX token pair like RDX/PLS, they will reicieve RDX token and upon harvesting rewards, a fees is collected and sent to burn contract (taxing the wealthy). When the user call the burn function from the UI, all the fees collected in RDX are sent to an address that no one has control over i.e a burn address like ‘0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD’
In order to call burn function user's must hold a minimum of 1 RDX. So 9% fee comes from when a user earn farm RDX reward token e.g RDX/PLS, in order to reduce inflation we charge 10% RDX tax which is then sent to the burn contract. When a user calls the burn function 9% goes to the burn address that nobody controls and 1% to the user who call the burn function.
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