Ray Dex


Ray Dex protocol on PulseChain is a fork of Sushi Swap Dex and Compound protocol on Ethereum and inherits all risk of that protocol. The Ray Dex development team has made slight modification to the source code to make sure it operates successfully on PulseChain testnet and mainnet.
Some of the changes include changing naming used by the smart contract, using clean an verifiable open source library like open zeppelin, using locally deployed graph protocol and changing the code to use different oracles for price data.
When PulseChain mainnet lunch, the team will finalize the code for Ray Dex protocol, It will also be professionally audited by a third party and will include publicly available audit report.
We use verifiable, clean, and open source library like openzeppelin 0.8.0 and above which have been integrated with our smart contract. See link below.
We have been accepted into immunefi bug bounty program, more announcement to follow shortly.
We advise and strongly recommend you review the following sushi Dex exchange swap and compound lending protocol audits.
Sushi - Audit by PeckShield
Compound - Audit by Trail of Bits