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Ray Dex single side staking ecosystem

RDX Single Side Staking

Stake your $RDX and maximize your yield. No Impermanent Loss. For every swap on Ray Dex platform, a 0.05% fee is collected and used to buy back $PLS tokens. With buybacks are occurring every 24 hours. Your PLS is continuously compounding! When you unstake you will receive all the originally deposited $RDX and any additional $PLS tokens.
RDX is a Staking option that provides users with yield in the form of a PLS native token
  • Stake RDX and earn PLS native token rewards, no impermanent loss.
Claim your share of Platform Revenues
· Staking RDX you will be rewarded with a share of all platform revenue generated.
· Users can select RDX staking pool and deposit RDX and stake it.
· There is however a deposit fee mechanism to prevent over-saturation.
To see your reward after staking RDX, you must wait 24 hours and call deposit function by depositing 0 amount.
o Staking into RDX pool may come with a fee.
o The fee can scale up to 3% Max, depending on the number of RDX already Staked.
o The 3% Fee is taken from the RDX when the user decide to end RDX staking Pool.
o Currently fee taken will be sent to the Treasury.
RDX Stakers receive rewards proportional to their share of the RDX pool.
Calculation: userRewardRate = userRDX / totalRDX * sRDXRewardRate.