🧑About US

Energy Efficient Defi Platform.

The Vision

Ray Dex's goal is to be the one-stop shop for Defi on Pulsechain. Our goal is to serve the PulseChain and Hex communities by innovating, building quickly, and most importantly, constructing safely. The ultimate goal is to create a decentralized derivative trading platform that offers users a one-stop shop for DeFi. Platform users will be able to immerse themselves in a fully integrated, world-class, and very accessible DeFi platform.

The Value Proposition of the Ray DEX

A DeFi derivative options trading platform based on synthetic assets. Traders can invest in crypto assets by going long or short. Low gas fee on PulseChain will allow users to transact cheaply at a fraction of pennies. Team will be building two standlone defi primitives that will interact with one another. The first primitive is a trading platform for options, which will eventually be merged into the lending primitive. Traders or users can stake Ray Dex token to earn staking rewards. Deposit crypto asset such as stable coins to vaults to earn trading fees and rewards thereby creating for passive income for liquidity providers.

Our Brand Values

  1. Community driven

  2. Advanced, innovative and unique Platform

  3. Defi for everyone

  4. Safety first

  5. We believe in freedom of movement and assembly are important human rights!

Our Brand Personalities

  1. Provide world class trading Dex and lending protocol

  2. Your one stop shop Defi Hub

  3. Build with user and safety in-mind

  4. Be agile and build with speed and delivery

  5. Innovate and support the community Hex and PulseChain

Reduce Carbon Footprint

PulseChain blockchain network also allows for the ability to not waste all the electrical power wasted mining for PoW validations. Not only will your Dex and Defi be more democratic and feature lower cost and higher speed, but it will also have the claim to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

"By replacing proof of work miners with proof of stake validators PulseChain doesn’t burn “waste” any energy making it environmentally friendly" - pulsechain.com.

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