Ray Dex


Ray Dex is a one-stop-shop trading platform.

Pre Launch

  • Sacrifice phase
  • Airdrop for community beta testing


Ray Dex AMM Dex launching with the following features on PulseChain.
  • Execute swap trading function (Interface)
  • Deposit function to allow users add liquidity based on price discovery (Interface)
  • Initial Website release
  • Smart contract protocol - AMM Dex and Governance Token
  • Liquidity mining event on PulseChain
  • Yield Farming
  • Staking RDX
  • Tax and Burn function - Smart Contract and UI
  • Ray Dex API and Subgraph
  • Governance - Off-Chain governance voting with snapshot

Phase 1 - Q4 2022

Smart contract audit of lending / staking / farming and AMM Dex.

Expand team

We plan to hire additional developers, support staff, and marketing experts in order to provide better and quality service.

LP Token Migration UI tooling

Providing users with friendly interface where they can transfer liquidity from other Dex to our platform.

Centralized Exchange Listing

Token will listed in crypto listing website as well centralized exchange.

Ray Dex Analytics

Aggregate data from AMM Dex protocol.
Limit Order
Implementation of limit order function in our Dex.

Phase 2 - Q1 2023

Ray Dex & Pulse X Integration
Off-Chain Liquidity Aggregator / Private AMM / Market Marker Engine

Lending Application

A decentralized lending protocol will be built on the Ray Dex platform. Investors would have the ability to lend or borrow against assets.
Marketing Campaign
Increase awareness of Ray Dex Platform.

Phase 3 - Q2 2023

NFT Project
Soul Bound NFT and App
Portfolio Tracker
User's can track portfolio updates in real time with PL.
Migrate UI to IPFS
Decentralized UI to become truly decentralized.