Why Ray Dex ❓

Ray Dex platform offers acutely robust utilities and tokenomics geared towards the success of the community.


PulseChain, is a full system state clone of Ethereum with faster transactions and lower gas fees. Forking Ethereum with its whole state has never been done before in Blockchain history. We like the idea of PulseChain because the network adheres to the true principles of decentralization. PulseChain is more decentralized than most other cryptocurrency networks.

When Richard Heart announced forking Ethereum to PulseChain in July 2021, the team began developing a defi primitive on top of the network. A true defi protocol built from the ground up with a very simple concept. The objective was to create a simple-to-use derivative platform where consumers could select their parameters. We want to create a primitive with no reliance on oracles, external dependencies, or centralization.

The team was also inspired by this article on why defi is broken and how to fix it : https://www.nascent.xyz/idea/why-defi-is-broken-and-how-to-fix-it-pt-1-oracle-free-protocols

Ray Dex have been building on PulseChain since the beginning, you can verify link to the original post on reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pulsechain/comments/qoatjy/pulsechain_swap_amm_protocol/

What makes Ray Dex Unique ?

Intuitive and simplistic UI - user friendly, sleek, simplistic and informative UI, present all vital details and utilities in one glance, making users interaction more intuitive and less daunting.

Ray Dex is a decentralized derivatives trading platform that offers synthetic asset-based perpetual options trading. Trade a wide range of on-chain cryptocurrency assets. Based on your technical analysis, go long or short.

Ray Dex will incorporate Defi's ground-breaking utilities in lending and borrowing, with the ultimate goal of diversifying community members' passive revenue flow.

Stake Ray Dex token and earn PLS, incentivizing users to gain exposure to the PulseChain network while also bringing adoption.

Token will also be used for governance in which proposals may be brought up for voting by core team members, if they gain sufficient traction.

Price data is stored onchain and is based on TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price), making it resistant to flash loan attacks.

What is Ray Dex Building?

We are developing a decentralized derivative options trading platform based on synthetic assets. A synthetic asset is a tokenized derivative that mimics the value of another asset.

Traders can invest in crypto assets by going long or short. Option trading platform will be integrated into the lending application, by combining two DeFi primitive creates a better protocol.

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