Ray Dex

Why Ray Dex ?

Ray Dex platform offers acutely robust utilities and tokenomics geared towards the success of the community.

A little bit of background ?

When RH announced the launch of PulseChain in July of 2021, we announced the development of Ray Dex to the HEX and PulseChain community and the idea of our platform was born. Initially, we started with the idea of creating a DEX and overtime we evolved it to a DEX and lending protocol.
Ray Dex have been building on PulseChain since the beginning, you can verify link to the original post on reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pulsechain/comments/qoatjy/pulsechain_swap_amm_protocol/

What makes Ray Dex Unique ?

Intuitive and simplistic UI - user friendly, sleek, simplistic and informative UI, present all vital details and utilities in one glance, making users interaction more intuitive and less daunting.
Ray Dex will be incorporating ground breaking utilities of Defi in terms of lending and borrowing, with the ultimate objective of diversifying community members passive revenue flow.
Reward token (RDX) have utilities such as farming, burning and staking, are all geared toward maximizing community rewards. The staking reward is received in PulseChain native token PLS, which incentivizes users get exposure to PulseChain network as well as maximizing mainstream adoption.
Ray Dex token is designed to be net deflationary in mind, even with yield farming reward. When we initially mint RDX token it will be a fixed amount, after that the total supply could vary based on a number of factors, for example yield farming and burn function. Reward token is designed to be deflationary. The issue with most farm token is that it prints to infinity which leads to the price of the assets to collapse (too much inflation) but with RDX token we tax and burn reward from users farming RDX token.
The burn functionality, burns a significant amount of the token, making the token deflationary. This is also geared to return great value to token holders and investor as the underlying token appreciates in price. A percentage of the burnt token is rewarded to the user who initiates the burn function, hereby incentivizing the deflationary process by the community.
Ray Dex is a community owned protocol and 50% of token supply is majority owned and are controlled by token holders or community. Token will also be used for governance in which proposals may be brought up for voting by core team members, if they gain sufficient traction.

So why create another DEX on PulseChain ?

Monopolization of any network is never a good thing for the Network, Ray Dex serves as a very viable alternative to PulseX, with the above listed utilities helping users benefits greatly from the network.
Creating another DEX which is independent of RH team is a good thing and also brings improvement in the overall quality and growth of the PulseChain network. A network that has diversified ecosystem of project from original creators greatly reduces the centralization of the network and provide options for users. This would greatly enhance the confidence in the underlying network and create a vibrant ecosystem.

Advantages of Ray Dex

Low fees and cheap transaction.
Ray Dex solves the common issues associated with high cost transactions on Ethereum through tapping into PulseChain high TPS and fast transactions fee at low cost.
Improved liquidity with access to PulseX liquidity, Ray Dex provides users optimum liquidity. Unlike other protocols that rely only on their own liquidity pools, Ray Dex connects with liquidity pools available on its own Dex and PulseX.
Experience centralized trading features on Ray Dex by introducing options to view trade charts and set limit orders while having full control over their funds. Users can exchange tokens at an improved speed using swap feature. The Ray Dex Platform will allows users to access more intricate tools, such as limit orders.