👩‍🌾Yield Farming

Farming markets is a twofold and will allow users chance to earn $RDX token which will be the primary distribution for the $RDX token. $RDX is rewarded per second on the blockchain.

Feature of the Ray Dex Farm

  • Search for the Pool they wish to enter Tokens into, e.g. (PLS/RDX). Users will be able to search by name, symbol and address

  • User will be able to deposit to the Pools page and enter tokens equal of amount to the liquidity pool for example PLS/RDX.

  • Deposit your Liquidity Pool tokens into a farm to earn extra yield. Extra yield is rewarded in $RDX Tokens. When user deposit Tokens into a Farm, they will also continue to earn trading fees from the Liquidity pool.

  • Users will be able to go to the Farm page and select the same Farm you entered in the pool for example (PLS/RDX).

  • Once in the farm page they will then use LP tokens to yield farm. Navigate to token-pair’s for where liquidity was provided for example (PLS + RDX). Select the amount of LP and stake it.

  • If the users wish to unstake they can select the amount of LP Tokens to unstake and they will be able to withdraw their token including reward.

  • Users will be able to harvest farm reward at any time, they simply can press harvest button to claim reward.

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